Sometimes the within is piano black

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Five Nights At Freddys Hidden Audio

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I’m such a selfish bitch I sometimes have troubles believing it myself.

And yet I can’t name a single fault in me.

Someone turned the narcissism too high.

I’m a messed up piece of shit.

And you ain’t ever gonna hear me apologize for it.

i just found fullbody turnarounds of all the tfp robots and im going to share because im a good person

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there isnt one for cliffjumper but there is this


knock out




skyquake (no dreadwing but this should still help)



im going to cry these will be so useful

"K, L, N, P"

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K: a song I know all the lyrics to
Can’t hold us - Macklemore.
L: an instrumental song
Shadows - Lindsey Stirling.
N: a song by a band I want to see live
Tokyo - Imagine Dragons.
P: a song that I’d recommend you based on your blog
Discipline - Nine Inch Nails.

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that awesome feeling when you know that despite not talking to a friend everyday or even after a very long time that you’re both still cool


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it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s insane

Time to Ourselves (MegatronTwins Dragons)

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Sinking into Sunstreaker was like wrapping himself in the silks that Starscream liked to collect. One set of claws curled around Sunstreaker’s flank, and the other around the back of his neck, pushing him into the floor. His hind legs dug into the floor and pushed, starting up a building rhythm, taking no care for whether or not he was hurting Sunstreaker.

Gentle wasn’t really in either of their natures.

His eyes closed as he focused only on the sensations, the smells, wings shifting now and then to stir the air and make the pheromone scent wash over him anew. He wondered if he could tear Sunstreaker apart if he fucked him fast enough…

Then again, too heavy damage and he wouldn’t produce a healthy clutch. Megatron kept his pace steady at that thought. They could experiment with friction another time.

His hips began to stutter, and he wasn’t near ready, but there was another eager mate waiting, so it was okay. He tightened his grip on Sunstreaker’s flank to warn him.

Sunstreaker moaned, loudly, when his mate pressed in and stretched him open wide. And even as he was pressed to the floor, his long neck straightening against the ground to allow him some comfort as he was pinned, his hind legs pushed his body into his mate’s. Claws dug to the ground as he braced himself against the tyrant’s pace.

And it was a punishing pace. Every thrust was hard and fast, in and out of his tight insides to all the will of his mate. The groans of the beginning soon turned into louder cries that echoed through the den, deep and rough, voicing the act in all its painful intensity.

It was painful. It hurt. Their size difference was very real, and the golden dragon was always put to his limits during the matings. He could feel his entrance turning tender and sore, feel the pain deep inside.

But it wasn’t too much. And even as his jaws parted in another cry of discomfort, his body rocked against the warlord, tail slashing sharply and muscles tense as he forcefully grounded himself. Every wash of air caused by his mate’s wings only strengthened the haze of the heat that boiled in him, the scents overriding everything usual from his mind. His thoughts were clouded until only the most important mattered, getting his mate’s seed in him, producing another nestful of eggs. Continue his lineage, that was all it had come down to, to submit even if it hurt, even if under normal circumstances he would’ve not necessarily gone with this.

Now though, he didn’t fight. A moan of acknowledgment was given at his mate’s wordless warning, and he braced himself, focusing on the hot body covering him and the powerful muscles he could feel against him all around. It was perfect, no matter what, and it was intense, and he wanted it so much he might’ve as well choked from the eagerness that had his body trembling.

I honestly just love scars so much. I love the way they look, how the skin almost turns frail on them, how they’re shiny… They’re so perfectly imperfect, that’s the only way I can describe it. How they contrast with the healthy skin. And the process, from an open wound to a scab, to bright pink and then, eventually, white.

They’re so beautiful and I can’t get enough of them. The process of making them is much loved by me, of course, but… Just following the healing process. Your creation, your work of art, how it morphs and changes over days, weeks, months. Years.

I can’t get enough of that.

And there’s something so intensely erotic in scars themselves. Run your finger tip, or your nail, over my scars. All the biggest ones. Just gently.

Unless you have big, deep, wide scars, you won’t know what it’s like. The scar, it doesn’t feel, the skin that scarred lost its feeling.

But the flesh beneath it still feels.

And there’s nothing like the gentle caress over that flesh, muted by the scar covering it. It turns me on so bad, every time. It’s just… Beautiful, the feel of it, and the act of it so intimate.

Touch me. Touch my scars. You can’t get closer to me than when you’re touching my scars or cutting my flesh so create more of them.

Cut. Me. Open.

Make me bleed.

I love the pain. But I adore the numbness that follows when it all heals. I can’t get enough of it.

It’s so intense, it’s so comforting. The numbness. It’s like a blanket of lovable indifference, a cocoon to turn my body as numb as my heart. And I can’t wait the day I’m covered in scars and cuts, when I can run my hand down my body and feel the burning contrast of fresh, overly sensitive wounds, their sharp sting of pain. Healthy skin, patches of it, unmarred, unmarked, feeling, smooth.

And scars, numb. Just the pressure. It’s almost a tickle. It touches you to your core.

I can’t wait for that day, when I have more of that deathly white on me than healthy skin, when my body will be as unfeeling as my soul. I can scarcely imagine what kind of comfort that would be. Then, the world truly could not touch me anymore. Try, just try, I wouldn’t feel it, all those pretty patterns protecting me.

Babydoll, cut me open, over and over again. Ragged, straight, images, stories. I want everything to have a thought behind it. I want to be able to give date and name to every mark of perfection that’ll decorate me.

I’ll be so beautiful.

Haloo Helsinki
Kiitos ei ole kirosana

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Who are you
And what are you doing in front of me at five o’clock
It’s the small hours and I’m sinking into your eyes again
And I’m thinking what is this feeling - oh no

Clock strikes six
We’re changing the world and the neighbor shouted
"Pipe it down already," but our space
Is right here even if others don’t get it

What are you doing
When you look at me it won’t go away
Unlike other looks
Which I fear so

Baby, explode me here
Baby, in the dawn
Baby, you won’t need anything else
If you get to kiss my red lips
Baby, explode me here
Baby, in half life
Baby, I won’t need anything else
If you catch me there’s no going back

Relationships won’t turn better
Whether there have been a thousand or two
I turned even more reckless
And fell in love over an iron wall

And when fire finally encounters air
It becomes hot
This is a forbidden thrill for us
This is the greatest power

Wipe away the fear
And show how a hand would tattoo
Eyes to my back
So that I would always see you

Baby, explode me here
Baby, in the dawn
Baby, you won’t need anything else
If you get to kiss my red lips
Baby, grab me
Baby, I’m your heroin
Baby, you won’t need anything else
If you catch me there’s no going back

If I get into this
What I didn’t do for anyone else
Be worth of it to me

If I get into this
I won’t hide you
I’m going to be visibly happy

Baby, explode me here
Baby, in the dawn
Baby, you won’t need anything else
If you get to kiss my red lips
Baby, grab me
Baby, I’m your heroin
Baby, you won’t need anything else
If you catch me there’s no going back

I knew you were made for me
You knew I was made for you
I’m yours
You’re mine

Time to Ourselves (MegatronTwins Dragons)

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Megatron rumbled happily and set Sunstreaker down. The show of submission had been exactly what he was looking for. He caught the smaller dragon’s jaw, forced him to look up at him, felt the smooth scales of his exposed throat.  

"I want you now," he murmured, voice smooth. He pushed Sunstreaker around, holding him in place while he curled his neck and pushed his snout under Sunstreaker’s tail. "And then, it’s Sideswipe’s turn~"

His tongue flickered out to taste, and his claws dug into the dirt beneath them. He was going to take Sunstreaker hard, claim him, relish in his submission. He was going to make sure that he was too exhausted to move, and he was going to position him so he couldn’t help watching as Megatron claimed his twin as well, without even a pause to clean up in between. Messy, rough, violent… he certainly wouldn’t protest the taste of warrior blood in his mouth again.

He exhaled hot breath against Sunstreaker’s hide, whiskers twitching. Yes. He needed to claim his mate now, before he ended up making a fool of himself by rutting against nothing but air.

He pushed up and pressed Sunstreaker down against the den floor, nudging his tail out of the way and lining up, flush against his back and surrounding him in heat and the scent of arousal.  Dominance in every ripple of scales, every push and pull of claws, every drag of teeth. This was what they did to him. This was why he’d made the perfect choice.

A light click sounded when Sunstreaker’s feet touched the ground, his claws giving that tap against the den floor. A quiet growl rose from his throat when his jaw was grabbed, but it wasn’t a sound of aggression and he didn’t give any resistance when his head was manipulated. All he did was swallow, tongue emerging to moisturize his snout. He didn’t fight when he was turned around, neck only arching when he felt his mate under his tail. A huff sounded at the taste Megatron took, his nostrils flaring at the touch between the protective scales.

Sideswipe perked up when he was mentioned from where he was pressed against the floor by the entire length of his body. With the perfect view of course. The feathers on his head rose in attention and anticipation over what was going to take place. And really, he couldn’t wait to have the same attention Sunstreaker was getting, but he’d get his turn. For now, he was going to watch and enjoy himself~

Sunstreaker stomped his foot at the hot air washing over him, a rough rumble coming from him. And then he was pinned to the floor, feeling his large mate all around him, covering him and making escape impossible. Not that Sunstreaker was planning to go anywhere.

The tip of his tail shivered, and he could hear Sideswipe’s shuffling nearby, feel something drip from his opening, the scales around it relaxing in preparation and anticipation. He had little say over it, really. His body was ready and responsive, it welcomed his mate, and that more primitive side of him couldn’t wait to have new life inside him.

If he hadn’t been ready to breed, to carry the nest clutch, this would’ve hardly gone quite like this. He would’ve not had this strong effect on Megatron. But hormones and pheromones were powerful things, and they only had the continuation of his bloodline in mind.

Everything his mate was doing, the dominance and clear, demanding arousal, only served to push Sunstreaker deeper in the situation. His steady rumbling was occasionally interrupted by a louder sound, his tail lashing and feathers fanning out, body pushing against Megatron’s and each of his touch. Yours, yours, yours, I’m ready, it all screamed, and Sideswipe chirred, utterly captivated by the sight of his brother’s complete submission, the heady scents filling the den rushing to his lungs with each drag of air. He couldn’t do much but share his twin’s mindset, both of their claws curling to the ground from anticipation.

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